The Studio

Our Studio

Today from a purpose-built studio located on the family farm we entertain with afternoon tea and teach a varied selection of craft workshops. The studio is perched on a hill  in stunning South Cavan looking out on the megalithic tombs of Lough Crew in nearby Co Meath. In our field we have a small flock of native, rare breed Roscommon Sheep, the oldest recognise sheep breed in Ireland and in our garden we grow a small patch of Flax to produce linen thread, a craft that was practices in this area over 200 yrs ago.

Our studio is also home to a large collection of antique crafting equipment, from the only working collection of antique sock knitting machines in Ireland, sewing machines that date from 1862 and spinning wheels that date from as early as 1795. They are interspersed with other smaller objects and books that form and interesting look at our crafting past.

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