Roscommon wool

Roscommon Wool

We are delighted to bring you wool from our rare breed Roscommon Sheep. This is the oldest recognised breed of Irish sheep with a history that dates back to the 1800s, a breed of sheep developed on the rich limestone lands of Co Roscommon and east Co Galway. This breed was recognised by the Royal Dublin Society in 1870 and its breed society founded in 1895. By the early years of the 1900s these sheep were exported to and celebrated in many corners of the world, from Russia to Australia, America to Argentina people had heard of the large white sheep with high quality fleeces and toothsome meat that were produced on the small island of Ireland. With a mix of Leicester Longwool, Merino and Southdown in their pedigree they produce a beautiful white wool, it has lustre, crimp and elasticity. We use the wool for spinning, natural and plant dyeing and in our needle felted pieces.

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