Sock Knitting Machines


A fascination with our crafting heritage let to the purchase of our first sock knitting machine, these machines are also called circular knitting machines or CSM’s for short. The first machine was a beautiful Imperia. After much research and knitting disasters we finally figured out how it worked and the journey into using the machine to knit socks began. Once we figured out the first sock knitting machine, we were intrigued by them and by luck and constant searching we managed to acquire a number of these machines, some working, some requiring cleaning and repair.

In our collection we now have Imperia, Griswold, Golden Fleece and Harrison Circular Sock Knitting Machines, together they sit elegantly on a bench and are the only operating display of antique sock knitting machines in Ireland.

The oldest of our machines was last granted a patent in 1886 but the key period of sock making on these machines was during World War 1, Lord Kitchener was appointed Secretary of State for War in the UK and realised his soldiers would require a large quantity of good quality socks to keep them marching and to help prevent trench foot, he is also credited with contributing the method of closing the toes of the socks, a seamless method of grafting still commonly called Kitchener stitch. Today we produce high quality socks using the exact same methods, they are knit from high quality sock yarn and the toes closed by hand to produce durable, comfortable seem free socks.

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