Handmade Socks – style 4103


75 % wool, 25% polyamide
Made in Ireland on antique sock knitting machines and hand finished
Soft top and seam free hand grafted toe
Machine washable (we advise washing before first wear for extra comfort)
Leg length 13 inches

Using the same hand cranked sock knitting machines and techniques that have produced socks for over a hundred years you can be assured that you are purchasing a pair of socks that will provide comfort, warmth and durability. All our socks are knitted using high quality sock yarn that is 75% wool and machine washable. By blending wool with another synthetic fibre the life of the sock is greatly extended but this does not compromise on the benefits of wearing wool socks. The socks have a soft top, a seam free finish and are made to size, comfort and history are combined in every pair of socks that we produce.


UK 9

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