Some of us remember a time when handmade was not a description on a label.

It was an everyday necessity for clothes and household items. Baking, churning butter, growing vegetables, and making jam were everyday tasks. Most women knew how to bake bread, knit, sew, and darn. Many of us have fond memories of the warm Aran jumpers that were knit for us and the smell of the freshly baked bread. Unfortunately through modernisation and changes to our lifestyles, we are losing many of these skills.

In 2016 we established Crafts of Ireland to allow us to share the many skills that we have learned, and to do our part in preserving our rich craft heritage. Click through the menu above to follow our regular blog posts, find out about classes and demonstrations, or to get in touch with queries. We would love to hear from you. And you can also follow us on Facebook!